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director of the Revolutionary

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driving force. Official Nanjing Jianye will be tried with the season and further investigation of Yang, and get eliminated.Father associated with careerThis year 58-year-old Ji Jianye in the 1980s, was the general staff of the Propaganda Department of prefectural Suzhou. Germany is high and its father was party secretary of the Administrative Office of the Commissioner and the Suzhou area. Ji Jianye clear association promotion rhythm track with its father's career.70s of the last century in High German are sandbar County, Jiangsu Province as deputy director of the Revolutionary Committee, then as county party secretary and other duties. That time, Ji Jianye sandbar general staff at the Propaganda Department.After 1981, Germany is transferred to the Administrative Office of the High Commissioner in Suzhou, Suzhou Ji Jianye were subsequently transferred to prefectural propaganda department. Soon, he was promoted to the Suznike air max 2014 ukhou Industrial Park Ji Jianye deputy editor of deputy department level.According to media reports, Germany is high, Ji Jianye two and no clear ties in official circles. High German are no "pull out all the stops to push high-law" approach.The late 1990s, are gradually fading Jiangsu High German officialdom. Ji Jianye also started his own "a career" road.After Ji Jianye 40 years old

square in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province began a five-year career climb, the official, Deputy Hall. Have been transferred to Yangzhou mayor, secretary, and its level gradually regularized by the Depunike air max 95 trainersty Chamber.Insiders said the bribery problems Ji Jianye part in its official Yangzhou decade period.In 2009, transferred to Nanjing Acting Mayor Ji Jianye, 2010 positive, enter the sub-provincial series.These insider said that in three or four years in Nanjing, Ji Jianye, there are many Bribery behavior."Bulldozer mayor"Ji Jianye in Yangzhou, Nanjing served as party secretary and mayor for 14 years, is that two of the city's most concentrated demolition.According to the prosecution indictment, Ji Jianye use his position as Wuxian County, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Working Committee of Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort secretary, mayor of Kunshan City, Mayor of Yangzhou City, Yangzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor of Nanjing and other duties on convenience, for the benefit of others; to use its facilities as the Yangzhou Municipal Committee powers and status formed by the behavior of other national staff on duty for

for new agricultural insurance, residence insurance treatment of the city has more than 120 billion yuan a year.[Expert interpretation]Yang Lixiong: This standard is based on the financial situation of the place to the decision more difficult financial Midwest. A few years ago, the eastern region without subsidies, is entirely out of local governments. Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, said the Beijing News news yesterday, with the central spirit of the implementation of the provisions of the eight last year, Beijing shut down or restructuring of a total of 37 private clubs. Including longevity hall inside the Summer Palace, Beijing Ji Qing Xuan former Northwest renowned high-end consumer sites. This means that Beijing early last year included 37 private clubs within the scope of regulation and upscale dining establishments have all been carried out rectification.Last year, nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap 37 clubs included in the scope of remediationBeijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection said that for the masses of cadres of law and discipline, and "four winds" outstanding issues, the city last year launched a series of special operations. Which, by regulation, "the club of the unhealthy trend," has urged the city's 37 private clubs focused completed rectification, shutting down 10, turned

now hidden when a hidden

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history.Hebei Province, Shenzhen City, Chang Village Villagers: anyway (smell) very pungent.Reporter: pungent odor is still sour Hebei Province, Shenzhen City, Chang Village Villagers: Probably. Sometimes smelly, sometimes acid.The villagers told us that his maiden in a neighboring village, when her family will be able to smell the pharmaceutical exudes taste, now married Chang Village, and more pharmaceutical companies can not get rid of the taste. Three miles from the nearby village often Village, the villagers told reporters that he is the smell of pharmaceutical taste grew up.Hebei Province, Shenzhen City yanjia Village Villagers: taste was not.Reporter: So you can smell from childhood, or in recent years, much Hebei Province, Shenzhen City yanjia Village Villagers: I was a kid on the way, smell my head hurts.Reporters after the plant biotechnology wall Wan Ka discovered a secret, one person at a high hay leaves, now hidden when a hidden outfall. The outfall lurking in the tall weeds, not carefully look simply can not find it, reporters for half an hour to walk along the outfall in the grass and found that the sewage outfall flows from the large pond in the fact   nike air max 1 mensory yard . Reporters saw across the fence, this is no seepage pond setting, Blackwater pool is through this outfall, slowly flowing

outward.So, this outfall Blackwater will go  Walking along the irrigation canal, the reporter found that the sewage outfall often empties into the village irrigation canal.Town pharmaceutical production people did not dare open the window responsible person is the taste of water vaporTwenty kilometers outside the city of Shenzhen City, Sontek (deep state) Animal Health Products Co., Ltd., is also a production of bacitracin zinc business, the annual output of nearly 10,000 tons. According to the person in charge of the presentation, each producing one ton of bacitracin zinc will produce about 20 tons of waste, these wastewater how they dispose of it Sontek Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. Leader: There is a drying areas, drying areas and this will all our water will evaporate, which is become the air.Reporter: Our door is just the kind of smell to taste it, taste is water vapor.Sontek Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. Leader: Yes, that is the taste of water vapor. Production process wastewater is not.Originally, this enterprise evenike air max 90 womens  ntually drying wastewater discharged into water vapor in the air, the reporter in an interview with the deep state, the county seat from time to time to smell the stench, then the residents living in the deep state, and usually there is no smell to taste it Shenzhen City public: we

nts of urban and rural basic living." Department of Human Resources and Social the official said.[Expert interpretation]Yang Lixiong: In 2009, China launched a new agricultural insurance pilot, the basis for determining the minimum standards for pension 55 yuan per person per month, which is supported by the state finance. 2014, the new agricultural insurance and the city ranks Paul realized the merger. Resident pension insurance system of individual contributions and collective benefits, government subsidies combined with funding model, pension payments borne by the individual account pension and government pension of two basic parts.Previously, in fact, every place is also in accordance with the situation around, an appropriate increase in the new agricultural insurance and the city ranks the basic pension insurance standards. For example, Beijing has more than 200 yuan.But after the development and changes in prices in recent years, the standard 55 yuan was very low, and this is even much lower than the minimum living allowance country. It is understood that after the country's basic pension plan to urban and rural renike air max 90 hyperfuse salesidents increased to 100 yuan. However, due to the pressure is relatively large, so this level of increase is not significant.But this was a first, significant unprecedented future pensions will be gradually adjusted. 2015 onwards, will raise standards for the treatment of urban and rural residents medical insurance. The State Council

establishing regional unified real

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close attention to the introduction of a unified real estate registration implementation rules promulgated as soon as possible using a unified certificate books and select the country region 10-15 lead in establishing a unified real estate registration window.Jiang Daming said that in 2014 unified real estate registration system reform breakthrough, 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) completed a provincial responsibility consolidation tasks. Jiang Daming pointed out that in the future we must concentrate on the introduction of a unified real estate registration implementation rules promulgated as soon as possible using a unified certificate books; and county levels should focus on promoting the role of local government to speed up the integration, for the year basically completed. To start a unified real estate registration information platform, and select 10-15 lead in establishing regional unified real estate registration window.In addition, Jiang Daming said, to strengthen key areas of land and resources legislation, with the legislature to accelerate the "Land Management Law", "Mineral Resources Law" and other key legal changenike air max 2015 mens  s; accelerate the State Land Supervision regulations, focusing on land use planning regulations and administrative regulations, etc. development and

construction sectors supporting regulations; strengthen the normative document management, establish a unified registration, uniform numbers, unified system.In addition, for there are media reports, "the Department of Homeland announced more than 40 cities to cancel the purchase," the issue, the Department of Homeland official microblogging "Homeland sound" last night, said in a statement, the Department of Homeland did not release the news, and the enactment of the restriction policy is not Department of Homeland functions. Beijing Times (Reporter Zhou Xin) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau Corps Prison Administration, the Beijing Public Security Bureau issued a regulatory system "is to inform regulators work out the regulations," because the case requires supervisors need to be places of detention changes, the monitoring sites within 24 hours of being regulated by the staff to handle the formalities, we should take the initiative to be the supervisiair jordan 6 mens   ng officer custody changes, the whereabouts of the time and access to the details of the notification of their relatives or a lawyer assigned.Prison

decade of adjustment, the basic pension for enterprise retirees levels were significantly increased, from January 2004 were 647 yuan to the current 2,000 yuan, an increase of more than 2 times the highest Beijing has more than 3000 yuan.[Official statement]More substantial continuous adjustment of the basic pension for enterprise retirees living improve, promote social equity and played a positive role. Especially in recent years, the economic slowdown, pension fund increased spending pressures, the continuous still more substantial increase basic pension for enterprise retirees, effectively improve people's livelihood.Pension for enterprise retirees, not far nike air max 2014 mensoutperforming the CPI, also outperformed the GDP. The average income of urban residents, urban non-private units compared to the wages of workers in the post, the basic pension of about 10% of the growth has been slightly higher than the former, and the latter approaching.At present, China has started Institutions Pension Reform Implementation Authority. Human Resources and Social Ministry official said, in the future the state will gradually establish cover organs,

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